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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Theories About Bermuda Triangle - Electronic Fog

One of the explanations of Bermuda Triangle disappearances is based on electronic fog - something similar to what the Canadian scientist John Hutchison could demonstrate in his own lab.

It is something like a grayish cloud of electromagnetic fields that get formed above the ocean.

Such electronic fog seems to appear from nowhere and completely engulfs a ship or an aircraft.
The fog then keeps moving along with the ship or the plane. And soon, all the electronic systems and the instruments start going haywire. Nothing works correctly any longer. And finally the ship or the aircraft disappears without a trace.

So far, all such incidents of electronic fog had been described as supernatural phenomena, or as mere sensational stories from writers wanting to sell their own books on Bermuda Triangle.

This is despite the fact that some of the real SOS calls quoting the strange fog, actually came from veteran and experienced pilots or coast guards. Due to lack of any scientific explanations, these have been treated as unreal tales.

So what does Hutchison effect mean and what does it have to do with Bermuda Triangle?

It was in 1979, John Hutchison had shown that if electromagnetic fields of different wave lengths interplay with each other, at some point there may be strange things happening like - water swirling in a cup, objects like wood or metal start rising from the floor and float around, or some objects can even shoot off at fantastic speed.

Electromagnetism is the magnetic field that gets generated if a current is passed through a wire or a coil. Hutchison used his own apartment in Vancouver for his experiments. Due to lack of space, he crammed his many instruments in his small apartment. Almost all of them were crude machines generating different wavelengths of electromagnetic fields and working on normal power supply.

He demonstrated the strange behavior of objects over 750 times and proved that due to interplay of such electromagnetic fields, apparently weird things can happen.

For example metals melt, or break by sliding sidewise, or become white hot but do not burn anything that touches it.

There were cases where glass mirror got shattered outside his house, neighbors complain that objects in their house have started rising automatically from the floor.
In fact, Hutchison himself observed such strange phenomenon for the first time when he left all his machines powered on while working on some other experiments. An object unexpectedly touched his shoulder. He turned around to see that the object had risen from the floor and was now floating in the air.

John Hutchison has himself observed strange formation of metallic type fog which he could not see through. Many of the remarkable results were photographed and documented by McDonnell Douglas Aerospace and the Max Planck Institute in Germany.

Hutchison goes on to say "I have personally experienced the grayish-type mist when I was doing my high voltage research; and this mist would appear and disappear. To look at it, it looks like metallic. I couldn’t see through it. So it exists . . .it exists."

Commenting on the Bermuda Triangle incidences around electronic fog, he said "It is highly probable that nature can form these fields on her own and create the right situation for the ship or aircraft to either totally disintegrate or disappear into another dimension or domain".

While Hutchison's effect of electromagnetism has been proven, no one still knows why it actually happens and when will it exactly happen if the electromagnetic fields interplay.

Because, it is also observed that there is no fixed rule by which one can predictably create such strange effects. 99% of the time, it may not happen at all.

However, it is well understood that if Hutchison could generate such incredible effects with his hand made machines operating only out of his apartment's usual power supply, what may be the amount of energy unleashed if nature creates such effects. I guess a hint of such overwhelming power can be realized when we see lightning streaks across the sky that generates electrical power, enough to easily destroy trees and houses miles away.

Here is a real Bermuda Triangle incident where the experienced pilot Jenson reported that he was lost in a cloud only 150 feet above the ground. There was no reason for cloud to have formed at such low altitude. His voice was heard again after 11 hours, about 600 miles away from where he was lost earlier and that too long after his fuel was over. He vanished again without a trace.

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