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Friday, September 9, 2011

Do You Believe UFO?

Judging by the number of web pages devoted to UFO's, let alone magazines, associations, newsletter groups etc, it would appear that there are a great many people who believe in the existence of UFO's. By UFO's I am referring of course not to unidentified flying objects, of which there are many, but to "flying saucers"- spacecraft from another planet. So why is it that so many people believe in them, when the vast majority of us have never seen one? One of the reasons perhaps is because of the huge volume of reported sightings from around the world. With so much 'evidence' it is hard to ignore the possibility that we are being visited by 'flying saucers'.

So what actual proof do we have that UFO's exist? None whatsoever! So why do so many people believe that they have actually seen them, or that others have? Let's examine the 'evidence': Let's first though take into consideration that lots of people claimed to have met Elvis recently, have seen the Loch Ness monster, receive telepathic messages from Venus and know for a fact that the Moon landings were shot in a film studio. See Did we land on the Moon? People are funny. All unusual reports need to be viewed with a fair dollop of caution.

The wake-up call for the world that we were being visited, perhaps studied, by beings that were not of this earth began on July 8, 1947, when a disc-shaped UFO racing across New Mexico skies took a downward plunge and slammed into the desert near the city of Roswell. In spite of eyewitness accounts of a strange metal with unearthly symbols that wouldn't bend, and autopsies on alien bodies at a local funeral home, the U.S. government felt that the people would be better served not knowing the truth, and went into a disinformation campaign, saying the UFO was really a weather balloon. They would later come out with a top secret UFO project code named Blue Book.

Flying objects are mentioned 37 times in the Bible, to quote one: Ezekiel 1:16. "This was the appearance of the wheels. They sparkled like chrysolite, and all four looked alike. Each appeared to be made like a wheel intersecting a wheel." However, it was still the Roswell UFO incident that put the entire world on alert. UFO's were starting to be seen everywhere. In the UK , the UFO X-files have been opened to the public. Triangular shaped objects are being seen worldwide, and the U.S. is currently experiencing waves of them. These objects seem to prefer hovering over large cities. The next question, of course, is: what do they want? Hopefully they haven't found earthlings to be an excellent food source.

One of the earliest U.S. abductions was reported by Betty and Barney Hill. In September of 1961, they were driving home in New Hampshire when they noticed they were being followed by a UFO. They heard a strange noise, and woke up hours later, thirty-five miles farther south than they had been. Under the care of a Boston psychiatrist they were hypnotized. The stories they told of their abductions were amazingly similar. They were taken aboard a UFO where they were placed on tables. Aliens took hair samples, fingernail samples, and stuck long needles into their bodies. Their case drew national media attention. Once the story hit the front pages, many came forward with accounts of their own abductions. Some said they were in bed when the abduction occurred. Many of these accounts turned out to be outright lies, but many others proved to be unexplainable. However, there is little doubt any more that we are being visited by something from another world.

In North America there have been thousands of cattle mutilations. People have reported seeing black helicopters and UFO's in the area where mutilations have occurred. These are not the kind of mutilations that would be caused by another animal, or even a man. The animal's body has been drained completely of blood, yet there isn't a drop of blood on the ground around the carcass. Their organs have been surgically removed by what appears to be a laser beam. Usually the reproductive organs and the rectums of the animals are taken. Some of these animals have been marked with a fluorescent paint-like substance. Authorities think this is done so they can be identified in the dark. Linda Moulton Howe is the world's greatest authority on cattle mutilations and has written a book on the subject: "An Alien Harvest."

Crop circles appearing around the world may offer additional proof of an alien presence. There are but two kinds of crop circles:

1. The one made by frauds.

2. The ones made by an unknown force. The differences are vast. In real crop circles, common electrical instruments, such as cell phones and cameras, work poorly, or not at all, in spite of the fact that they work perfectly outside the circle. There are also abnormal radiation readings. Some think that this is caused by UFO propulsion. The best evidence, though, comes from genetic mutation. The crop stem cells carry this mutation. When they are replanted in other ground, they grow much faster and produce taller plants. They also produce much healthier plants. Try that with a man-made crop circle! Some crop circles have appeared on nights when it was pouring and the ground was nothing but mud. Many feel that crop circles are one way in which aliens are trying to send us messages. Many have seen UFO's in areas, at about the same time, that crop circles appeared.

UFO's of all shapes and sizes are appearing all over the world every day of the week. They have been photographed with high speed cameras, had movies made of them, showed up on radar screens that were both on the ground and aboard aircraft. There are thousands of people from all walks of life, airline pilots, police officers, teachers, doctors, scientists, nurses, etc. who have reported not only seeing UFO's, but of being abducted by them. Can all of these people be lying? Look up at the sky some star-splattered night. To think we're alone is arrogant, if we are, that's one heck of a waist of space.

There are some report from some witness around the world:

- In 1990, over 10,000 UFOs were reported:
4,000 in the United States
2,000 in South America
3,000 in the U.S.S.R.
1,000 in the rest of Asia
500 in Europe

- Data from Paul Ferrughel of the National Sighting Research Center indicates you are most likely to see a UFO between 9 and 10 PM during January.

- For the five year period of 1986-90, January, followed closely by October, was the peak month. June was by far the lull month. February, March, April, May and December were strong months.

- The 9 to 10 PM time slot was almost twice as active as the next period. As suspected, the hours from 7 PM to 2 AM were the more active time periods.

- The duration of the typical sighting was from 3 to 9 minutes. Sightings lasting from 10 to 27 minutes were next, and those from 1 to 2 minutes were next. Sightings of less than one minute far exceeded sightings longer than 30 minutes.

- Disk/round UFOs and "other" shapes were reported significantly more often. Deltoid shapes were next most popular followed by Ovals, Lights, Rectangular and Cylinders.

- 1988 and 1989 were peak years for reports, followed by 1990. 1986 had the least number of sightings during the five year period evaluated.

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