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Friday, September 9, 2011

Loch Ness, The Mysterious Monster

Loch Ness Monster , sometimes called Nessie ( Scottish Language : Niseag ), is an animal mysterious and unidentified, or group of animals, which are considered inhabits a loch in Scotland , Loch Ness , loch 's largest fresh water (by volume) in the United Kingdom . Nessie is usually categorized as a lake monster .
Along with Bigfoot and Yeti , Nessie is one of the mysteries of the most famous of kriptozoologi . Most scientists and other experts to find evidence supporting Nessie as insufficient and consider reports of sightings as hoaxes or misidentification. However, there are still many people who think these animals really exist, with the most popular theory consider it as a plesiosaurs that lived in the lake loch ness .
On May 31, 2007, Gordon Holmes videotaped claim to succeed the Loch Ness monster has been a puzzle because no one has succeeded in proving its existence. But most shocking is the image created by Dr. Robert Kenneth Wilson on April 19, 1934. These photos clearly show the figure of Nessie. There Nessie was seen protruding from the surface of the water by revealing the head and long neck. From the photo, grew a variety of allegations about what exactly this Nessie. However, there is also doubtful whether Nessie really exists.
Those who doubt the existence of Nessie, among others, Alastair Boyd and his friend David Martin. They both assume a false Wilson photo. Martin managed to find evidence that Wilson's photo is actually just a joke.
After investigation, the photo was made by Duke Wetherell and his son Ian. Nessie photographs that they were fake. The monster created by a stepson named Duke Spurling.
Photo fake Nessie was handed his friend the Duke, Chambers. Duke asked Chambers to persuade Dr. Wilson in order to sell it to the Daily Mail newspaper on behalf of Dr. Wilson. Duke Wetherell deliberately include a photograph of Nessie was to take revenge on the company's Daily Mail newspaper. The Daily Mail newspaper has written a story that makes Duke Wetherell shame.
In 1994, Martin succeeded in meeting Spurling. Probe and Martin Spurling's confession about the photograph. We found Martin, Spurling was aged 93 years and he felt guilty about lying to people.

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